Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Silicon Carbide Diesel Particulate Filters (SiC-DPF)

Geometry: Symmetric and asymmetric design available
Porosity: Variable (standard configuration between 43% – 60 %)
Cell structure: 90 – 300 CPSI
Wall thickness: Variable (Standard between 9 – 20 mill)

LiqTech lives and breaths Silicon Carbide and the material is the core of everything we do. This enables us to provide state of the art silicon carbide (SiC) diesel particulate filters (DPF) for a variety of applications.

The optimized coattability property of the LiqTech DPF will aid continuous soot combustion (reduces emissions by up to 99,96%) to keep the back pressure low.
Based on the requirements for e.g. durability, coatability, back pressure, service interval and thermal regeneration strategy we will costumize the sililcon carbide material for optimal preformance in the specific application

In the retrofit market, DPF systems providers are challenged by legislative forces to limit the increase on NO2 from DPF systems. LiqTech provides NO2 compliant catalyzed diesel particulate filters C(DPF) for both passive and active systems.
For the 500 kW engines and industrial applications we can deliver modular square elements in sleeving for easy implementatio in your system. Based on the feedstock and gas characteristics we will make our recommendations for use of coatning on the particulate filter to control emissions.