Wet scrubber - Powerplants

The increased level of conversion from coal to biomass powerplants sets new requirements for cleaning of flue gas. With a LiqTech SiC membranes solution we offer a guaranteed filtration level under the most extreme conditions – without any use of polymers.

We have created a standard series of solutions under the name HydraSic

HydraSiC is a standardized series of UF membrane systems suitable for cleaning of scrubber water and flue gas condensate.

The HydraSiC systems which utilize LiqTech’s patented silicon carbide (SiC) membranes ensures an effective and consistent retention of particles and heavy metals. SiC ceramic membranes provide a stabile operation even at a recovery as high as ≤99%*. In addition, the SiC membranes are extremely sturdy as well as temperature and chemical resistant.

The HydraSiC series is available in various versions capable of handling flows from 0,1 m3/h to as much as 40 m3/h with options and accessaries covering any needs. The units are delivered either semi- or fully automated and all with the option of remote monitoring and control through either a VPN gateway or local SCADA integration. Multiple working hours affiliated with traditional wastewater handling at power plants and district heating facilities are hereby emancipated.

The HydraSiC solution ensures that even the strictest discharge limits are maintained at all times. Furthermore, the system facilitates condensate reuse through additional treatment with an RO unit. This results in a remarkable reduction of effluent levies providing a typical return on investment in less than three years.


A LiqTech solution based on UF and RO membrane technology treats the condensate to a quality which may be used as make-up water in the transmission grid. This means that your district heating facility no longer has to pay expenses affiliated with effluent levies and, in addition, saving money for purchasing and refilling of potable (drinking water) as make-up water in the district heating pipes.
Without the use of polymers – Protecting the environment!

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