The fish is coming on land…. RAS systems are getting larger and more efficient – but when you recirculate 99% of your water in your RAS – the feed water is your critical success factor.

With a LiqTech silicon carbide membrane system you stop bacteria from entering your tanks through the feed water. Our system will protect your investment by filtering the seawater, but keep the essentials to actual have real seawater in your tanks.

Our membranes are robust and corrosive resistant. An investment in a mechanical filter barrier will be the best investment protection you have ever made.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural clean seawater in your tanks. Savings on ”making seawater from freshwater”.
  • No bacteria or lice on the fish.
  • Mechanical filtration barrier.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Less antibiotics and better yield on your batch.
  • Less fat, less antibiotics, more muscle and more color makes your fish farm more sustainable.
  • LiqTech offers complete membrane system incl pumps and cleaning system.
  • Full remote monitoring and control option from our experienced service technicians.


Langsand Laks – Atlantic Sapphire