Water Treatment Systems – Ultrafiltration

Ultra filtration is defined to pore sizes from 0,001 to 0,1 micron. This means that ultra filtration removes microorganisms, bacteria and viruses depending on the pore size.

LiqTech offer a standard UF units Which, in different configurations modes, are ideal for a number of difficult to treat industrial waste water solutions and as pretreatment for

  • Removal of microorganisms
  • Removal of bacteria and viruses
  • Removal of smaller organic- and inorganic particles
  • Removal of oil and heavy metals


Typical applications for ultra filtration is:

  • Removal of heavy metals in e.g mining operations.
  • Cleaning of process water in wet condensate scrubber loops (marine & landbased systems).
  • Prefiltration for RO (reverse osmosis) in e.g drinkwater applications.
  • Feedwater treatment for landbased fish farms.
  • Reclaim of backwash water from sandfilters.
  • Treating of produced water.