Marine Scrubber - SOx Reduction

Ships trading in designated emission control areas will have to either use fuel oil with a sulphur content of less than 0.10% (MGO) or to comply with the SOx requirements by using an exhaust gas cleaning system – “scrubber”. LiqTech has delivered numerous scrubber wastewater treatment systems to be integrated with scrubber towers.

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Marine Scrubber Sox Reduction Case PDF

Mining - Heavy Metal Removal

The client runs one of the largest mining operations in Europe and in many processes use direct seawater for cooling purpose. During discharge the waste streams contains heavy metals which have to be removed on a continuous feed flow basis of 480 m3/h – 2,116 GPM. Beyond the supply of 3.000 m2/ 32,292 ft2 membranes for particle separation, LiqTech supplied the complete SiC filtration system
including installation onsite etc.

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Mining Heavy Metal Removal Case PDF

Aquaculture - Langsand Laks - Atlantic Sapphire

Langsand Laks wanted to be the first commercial sized Atlantic salmon farm in the world. Growing environmentally friendly salmon on land in a Recirculating Aquaculture System. Therefore they were looking for a supplier with breaking-edge water treatment technology. The Solution was a high-tech water treatment system from LiqTech, featuring ultrafiltration membranes.

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Randers Water & Wellness Case PDF

Drinking Water Plant - Serbia

In the city of Zrenjanin in Serbia they suffered from heavily contaminated ground water resources making the tap water unfit for drinking water purposes. Beyond the supply of 250 elements OD146 SiC
UF membranes for pretreatment, LiqTech supplied the complete precipitation stage and RO systems etc.

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Drinking Water Plant - Serbia Case PDF

Produced Water - CNOOC

A Chinese offshore oil company wanted to improve the quality of re-injection water, i.e. remove more solids and oil than possible with conventional primary and secondary upstream treatment. LiqTech supplied SiC membranes, engineering package and commissioning of the system used for the project.

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Produced Water - CNOOC Case PDF

Produced Water - Shell

Off-shore Oil & Gas production often includes Produced Water treatment with the objectives to recover oil and gas, while cleaning the “produced water” before discharging it to the see. LiqTech’s revolutionary SiC membrane technology ensures safe overboard discharge.

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Produced Water - Shell Case PDF

Produced Water - FMC

LiqTech entered a joint development project with a leading solution provider for upstream Oil & Gas. The purpose was to configure a mobile container unit with appropriate technologies to treat flowback water onsite for re-injection purposes. LiqTech supplied a fully automated SiC ceramic UF membrane system, with integrated backwash and chemical in place (CIP) cleaning modules.

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Produced Water - FMC Case PDF

Produced Water - PDSVA

A South American oil company utilizes the SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) enhanced oil recovery principle. The SAGD process is used for recovering heavy oil, by injecting steam to the reservoir. The steam assists the heavy oil to flow more freely to underneath located oil recovery pipelines. Significant amounts of water and steam are needed for this production principle. LiqTech supplied a fully automated SiC ceramic UF membrane system, with integrated backwash and chemical in place (CIP) cleaning modules for removing solids and oil from Lake Maracaibo surface water.

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Produced Water PDVSA Case PDF

Pool - Marselisborg Therapy Pool

The Marselisborg Center therapy pool was originally equipped with a sandfilter system; however the water quality was not quite satisfying. Several other filter solutions were tested, still without providing the desired result. The Solution was a hightech water treatment system from LiqTech, featuring microfiltration membranes.

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Marselisborg Pool Case PDF

Pool - Randers Water & Wellness

In correlation with the erection of a new leisure center in Randers, DK, it was requested to have a water treatment system capable of accomodating any future high demands. The system was required to be able to treat the water from five pools with a total capacity of 1650 m³/h / 7264 GPM. The Solution was a hightech water treatment system from
Provital Solutions (now LiqTech), featuring microfiltration membranes.

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Randers Water & Wellness Case PDF

Flue Gas Condensate - Vestervig

In order to maintain the discharge limit values, Vestervig District Heating A.M.B.A. has invested in a HydraSiC plant from LiqTech. A new HydraSiC ultra filtration unit featuring silicon carbide membranes from LiqTech will be securing a high and consistent water quality of the condensate water from the plant scrubber tower.

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Flue Gas Condensate - Vestervig Case PDF

Algae - Filtration of Dunaliellla Algae For Pre-concentration

LiqTech has on the request from an algae farm in the Middle East evaluated its SiC ceramic membranes for algae harvesting. The purpose was to harvest and pre-concentrate Dunaliella algae for the production of β-carotene, which is used as an ingredient for food coloring and various medical applications.

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Pre-concentration of algae Case PDF

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