Emission Technology

A Range of Diesel Particulate Filter Technology and Auto Catalyst to deliver Cleaner Air.


LiqTech is a manufacturing and technology company who for the last decade has been one of the key suppliers of SiC Diesel Particulate Filters to the automotive market. LiqTech develops and manufactures its own proprietary technology for emission reductions in internal combustion engines.

The products are used in a multitude of applications, covering everything from on- and off-road automotive engines to large stationary engines.

Core strength

From its facilities in Copenhagen, LiqTech develops, manufactures and supplies its expanding network of sales offices around the globe. As such, it retains full control of the development, manufacturing and sales process.

It is the understanding of the market place combined with its rapid response to the demands of the customer that has allowed LiqTech to compete successfully in two distinct Industries involved in the delivery of cleaner air.

Two diesel particulate filters standing side by side

Features & Benefits

  • Robust silicon carbide diesel particulate filter
  • Useful for vehicles that produce high soot load
  • Our SiC filters can handle higher soot loads than filters that do not use silicon carbide membrane
  • Ideal for off-road vehicles because of their strength, chemical non-reactive nature, temperature resilience, and thermal conductivity

Applications areas

Our emission catalysts and DPFs can be applied to the following areas:

Automotive OEM

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Gensets / Marine / Locomotive

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Automotive Aftermarket

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