LiqTech supplies oxidation catalysts in cordierite or metal for both automotive and non-automotive applications. For the automotive segment, we offer a variety of pre-catalysts for Diesel Particulate Filter systems.

The portfolio includes pre-catalysts for CRT, cCRT, FBC and post-injection systems. We also provide conventional oxidation catalysts for HC and CO removal in systems where PM reductions are not the focus.

For larger stationary engines, as well as gensets, marine and locomotives, we provide catalysts for both rich and lean-burn engines. The catalyzed metal substrates can be supplied in diameters up to 1200mm or modular catalysts in square blocks.

Please note that we also provide soot filters for these applications. Examples of emission reductions for specific applications:

For regions with high-sulphur levels, we have developed a “DOC Survivor” coating with very high sulphur tolerance. The DOC Survivor is a “plug and forget” solution for simple reduction of odour and smoke in applications where a DPF can not be applied because of high sulphur levels.

The catalyzed metal substrates can be supplied in diameters up to 1000mm.

We also have experience coating more untraditional materials such as sponges, pellets and substrates up to 800cpsi. We have very good supplier relations for the substrates, and are excessively flexible in our coating and dimension selections.