Not two applications are the same…

Therefore, we make customized systems which are tailored exactly to your application requirements. Our in-house capabilities in specifications, design, fabrication and programming make our turnkey systems unique and ensure optimal efficiency.

Unlike other players in the markets we have a full range of capabilities under one-roof to execute rapid deployment. Membrane manufacturing and system capabilities makes us able to design just the right solution for your application.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Our ceramic membrane systems can be customized to meet specific criteria or project needs:

  • Silicon carbide membranes in microfiltration or ultrafiltration levels
  • Operating at 0-14 pH range
  • PLC options and HMI interfaces
  • Automated backflush
  • Automated clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Materials of construction range for membrane housing in stainless steel or fiberglass
  • Piping selection in PP, PE or SS
  • Supply of ancillary equipment and tanks