Membranes for OEM’s - Membrane Filters

The membrane substrates as well as the coatings are made from silicon carbide (SiC). This gives our membranes some unique advantages:

Features & Benefits

  • HIGHEST FLUX for any membrane material
  • Chemically inert (pH 0-14)
  • Thermally resistant up to 800 ˚C
  • Extremely hard and durable material
  • Reduce your foot print and system costs
  • Fast cleaning, more efficient chemical cleaning
  • Unmatched performance in oil/water separation
  • Long lifetime, less down time and maintenance


LiqTech International has developed a wide range of outstanding ceramic membranes for cross flow and dead-end filtration.


The CoMem® elements are designed for removal of suspended solids as well as oil droplets and oil-emulsions.

The CoMem® elements are available in outer diameter Ø10 and Ø25mm.

These come in different lengths and channel configurations (monotube ID6 & ID17mm, ID3mm) thus making them ideal for both pilot tests and full-scale installations as well as retro-fitting into existing multimembrane housings.

CoMem® elements are today applied in e.g. processing of industrial waste water, produced water and pre-RO.

COMEM Spec Sheet


The CoMem® Conduits are designed for removal of suspended solids as well as oil droplets and oil-emulsions.

The CoMem® Conduit has conduits cut into the membrane element, which gives a higher flux. The higher flux is achieved by shortening the distance the permeate has to travel to get through the membrane.

The CoMem® Conduit are available in outer diameter 146mm and in various lengths and channel designs.

CoMem® Conduit elements are currently used for filtration of industrial waste water, produced water and pre-RO.



The Aqua Solution® membranes are our dead-end filter solution for liquids with lower amount of suspended solids. The membrane substrate has a dead-end design, which yields a more cost efficient filtration performance compared to other filtration principles.

Aqua Solution® is the ideal alternative to sand filters for example in Pool & Spa installations. Implementing the microfiltration Aqua Solution® membranes in your Pool & Spa installation will give you improved water quality, reduced foot print and the lowest total cost of ownership.


High flux submersible membranes and modules

The high flux Flat Sheet Membrane (FSM) from LiqTech International is designed for Industrial wastewater treatment, ground water filtration and RO pre-treatment.

LiqTech’s FSM carrier, as well as the selected layer, is made of silicon carbide which gives the product some unique advantages such as high flux, total chemical resistance (pH 0-14), long life and lowest fouling tendency of any polymeric and ceramic membrane material.

The FSM is offered with pore sizes in both the microfiltration/ultrafiltration range.
The FSM is built-into a submerged vacuum driven filtration systems which consist of stacks of modules each with multiple FSM. Filtration mode is outside-in and cleaning can be performed by aeration and back washing.

Example of containerized MultiBrain unit for oil company (Produced Water Treatment).


Algae – filtration of Dunaliella algae for pre-concentration

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