AMASING: Ceramic, high-flux microfiltration membrane

The objectives of the project is further development of the LiqTech SiC membrane. Together with our partner Technical University of Denmark, ceramic engineering and science, the aim of the project is to remove roughness and macropores in the membrane layer by optimizing dispersion and stabilization of SiC powder in the aqueous suspensions.

Furthermore, it aims at understanding the relation between the surface chemistry of the SiC powders and the membrane, and the relation between the surface chemistry of the membrane and its microporosity, filtration efficiency (cut-off) and tendency to foul.

For the testing of the membrane, LiqTech is collaborating with a Chinese partner working in the biopharmaceutical industry.

LiqTech produces advance ceramic membranes made of silicon carbide (SiC).
AMASING aims to make tighter membrane which would improve the membrane performance.