– Pelagic Industry Processing Effluents Innovative and Sustainable Solutions.

The main goal for the PIPE project is to test cutting edge technologies, to separate water and organic material from pelagic industries effluents and to characterize as well as valorise the organic material collected.

For this project LiqTech collaborated with Technical University of Denmark as well as Jiaotong top 100-rated university in engineering, Chalmers University of Technology from Sweden.

The main objectives of the PIPE project are to:

(i) test technologies such as ceramic membranes and electrochemistry for their efficiency in separating organic matter from effluents from marinated herring production, (ii) characterize the chemical composition, antioxidant activity and functionality of different streams and fractions before and after separation and (iii) evaluate the market potential for the recovered fractions.

Throughout the PIPE-project, effluent streams covering all steps in the marinated herring production i.e. from boat to the final marinated products, have been carefully characterized including different products type and over different seasons. Several pilot scale separation trials have also been carried out, and the fractions generated have been investigated for their basic composition, antioxidant activity and functional properties.