Drinking Water Treatment

For drinking water applications, LiqTech offers a full line solution from pre-treatment, filtration to water distribution. In todays world a growing demand for access to clean water direct the manufacturers to develop cost-effective solutions for any flowrate guaranteeing a water quality level as demanded by the end-customer.

Our engineering team at LiqTech design chemical pre-treatment solutions, pre-RO filtration with our SiC membranes and custom build Reverse Osmosis systems which we offer as equipment only or full scale installation and commissioning. Our solutions are delivered with full HMI interface and can be SCADA integrated.

We provide end-to-end solutions with robustness, efficiency and ease of operation as key paramenters.

All SiC membranes are approved according to NSF 61.NSF Certification icon for LiqTech

NSF is an independent, accredited, organization in which the mission is to protect and improve global human health by the development of public health standards and certification programs. Choosing a NSF certified product lets you know that LiqTech complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. This certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products.

Drinking Water Plant

Features & Benefits

  • Better mechanical filtration = less chemicals and better protection against harmful bacteria
  • Guaranteed lifetime of Silicon Carbide Membranes
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Guaranteeing water quality level as demanded by the end-consumer
  • Our membranes are robust and corrosive resistant
  • All SiC membranes are approved according to NSF 61

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We will be happy to demonstrate our cases and suggest a solution in order to get you clean drinking water.


Read more about our successful solution that secures safe and affordable drinking water to 65,000 people in the city of Zrenjanin in Serbia:

Drinking Water Treatment – Ground Water

Service & Commissioning

At LiqTech, we have a very experienced project management and technical teams in order to ensure your business a fantastic experience with our water treatment unit and supply clean and safe drinking water. Right from the project phase to the commissioning and beyond, we will be ready to support and advise you.

We have been working with drinking water treatments for many years, and our passionate project management and technical teams have been there since the beginning. If any problems occur, our team has the solution.


  • Experienced project management and technical teams
  • Guidance and support through all phases
  • Remote monitoring control – instant support
  • Many years experience with drinking water treatments
  • If any problems occur, we have the solution