Oil & Gas Filtration – Produced Water

New challenges require new solutions

Discharge and re-injection of Produced Water from oil/gas production is becoming increasingly challenging for the oil producers as the world’s oil wells mature and the water cut increases.

With LiqTech’s revolutionary SiC based ceramic membrane technology it has never been easier to meet these tightening standards and requirements for produced water.

One-step-filtration with LiqTech’s SiC membranes

Due to the unique hydrophilic properties of Silicon Carbide, it is possible to obtain higher water fluxes on LiqTech’s SiC based ceramic membranes than with any other membrane material.

Continuous process flux for oil/water separation is recorded between 200 – 2000 L/(m2*h)! – depending on the oil type. Removal of oil and TSS to below 1 ppm is possible at very high flux rates.

This means that membrane filtration has become a viable alternative to hydro cyclones, induced gas flotations units, micro-flotation and walnut shell filters.

LiqTech’s SiC membrane technology replaces before mentioned conventional solutions with a one-step-filtration system based on LiqTech’s SiC membranes.

LiqTech offers a complete range of silicon carbide ceramic membranes for solving produced water treatment problems both onshore and offshore.

Produced Water Treatment LiqTech


Features & Benefits

  • Consistent removal of oil and suspended solids
  • Robust filtration technology against upstream upsets
  • Accepts a wide range of influent oil and solid content
  • Replacing a number of technologies with one process
  • Highest flux rates for any membrane technology on the market
  • Meet new environmental regulations


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Service & Commissioning

At LiqTech, we have a very experienced project management and technical teams in order to ensure your business a fantastic experience with our water treatment unit and comply with regulations. Right from the project phase to the commissioning and beyond, we will be ready to support and advise you. If any problems occur, our team has the solution.


  • Experienced project management and technical teams
  • Guidance and support through all phases
  • Remote monitoring control – instant support
  • If any problems occur, we have the solution