Pool Filtration System

Increasing focus on reducing the harmful disinfection byproducts from chlorination like trihalomethanes (THM) has increased the focus on using membranes instead of sand filters. Furthermore, membranes create a barrier for Cryptosporidium to re-enter the pool when circulating – a feature sand filter has a hard time realizing.

What might seem clean, can be a nasty surprise analyzing it. Many filter systems of today does not filter as expected meaning your water might have a high number of germs, and the consequence can be illness and potential bad reputation for your pool installation.

Pool Water Treatment System

Another consequence is that your use of chemicals will rise and your operational cost will likely increase. With a LiqTech water treatment system, we guarantee you that your water is clean and clear and you will experience savings on backwash, electricity, chemicals and maintenance.

LiqTech offers stand-alone membrane filtration systems or complete turnkey installations of the entire pool water treatment system including chemical dosing, monitoring and control systems and recirculation pumps.

Pool Filtration System by LiqTech

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 60% reduction in footprint compared to traditional sand filters. This makes retrofit into tight and narrow basements possible without expensive civil works.
  • Better mechanical filtration = less chemical and better protection against harmful bacteria like crypto.
  • Remote monitoring of your system from our technicians secures uptime and savings on maintenance.
  • Guaranteed lifetime of silicon carbide membranes which act as a “structured sandfilter”.
  • Blowers used for backwash thereby reducing water for backwash.
  • Only 10 liters of water consumption per bathing guest – a new standard in the industry.

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Service & Commissioning

At LiqTech, we have a very experienced project management and technical teams in order to ensure your business a fantastic experience with our pool solutions and to provide you with the most consistent clean water in the world. Right from the project phase to the commissioning and beyond, we will be ready to support and advise you.

We have more than 10 years experience with pool filtration, and our passionate project management and technical teams have been there since the beginning. If any problems occur, our team has the solution.


  • Experienced project management and technical teams
  • Guidance and support through all phases
  • Remote monitoring control – instant support
  • More than 10 years pool filtration experience
  • If any problems occur, we have the solution