Welcome to LiqTech - Improving our future

For more than a decade LiqTech has manufactured products of re-crystalized silicon carbide. Our silicon carbide membrane technology and systems will provide unique advantages for your business in the field of liquid and gas filtration.

We specialize in three main business areas: Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) for the control of soot from diesel engines, turnkey ceramic membranes systems and complete water treatment plants.

  • Highest flux of any membrane
  • Compact system with small footprint
  • High solids
  • Full pH range of 0-14
  • Very high temperatures
  • Abrasive feeds
  • Low power usage, low pressure
  • Long membrane life
  • Low operational cost, low total cost of ownership
  • Fully automatic system with remote monitoring and control
  • Customized solutions

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What we do – LiqTech the best solution

In essence, LiqTech was created out of the need for new technologies to meet ever-increasing demands for cleaner air and cleaner water. LiqTech was born from a vision that technology companies with the right products and management could deliver sustainable profits and growth.

LiqTech is a US-listed technology company (Nasdaq: LIQT) headquartered in Denmark, and for the last 16 years we have been at the leading edge in developing and marketing our own proprietary products to the environmental industry.

At its core, the ability to manipulate Silicon Carbide (SiC) – one the most durable of man made materials – which has allowed us to make a high value, high performance product for liquid and gas filtration products.

Clean water is essential

The world is short on clean water, and it is essential that we treat what we have with respect and care. At LiqTech we are able to clean the water from solids, oil and grease, germs and heavy metals with our ceramic membranes.

Clean air for a better environment

We care about the future, and with our own proprietary emission reduction technology. We take an active role in reducing air pollution for internal combustion engines.